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Best Glock Accessories 2022

We present to you the best Glock Accessories 2020. No matter which Glock pistol you got, you can be sure of having premium quality, well-crafted, and exquisite firearms in your possession. However, there is no limit to customize and upgrade, which is why mods and aftermarket good accessories are abundant for the various models of the Glock pistols, each of which fits it like a glove. There are so many different accessories, which makes a choosing quite difficult. Therefore, we have made the job easier for you.

In this article, we will discuss the best Glock accessories 2022 that you should take a look at if you want to enhance the capabilities of your firearm.

The GLOCK 19 Gen5 pistol

G19 Gen5 is proof positive that even the most refined polymer pistol in the world


CAA MCK KARBINE – Gen 2 MCK with a 16″ Barrel & Gen 2 Stock

We begin our list with the MCK KARBINE, a CAA Micro Roni Conversion Kit. We believe there is no better accessory than MCK KARBINE, especially when you are looking to upgrade the capabilities of your handgun and use it like a full-fledged semi-automatic weapon. The MCK Glock Conversion Kit features a polymer chassis and a single-piece design that allows you to insert your pistol inside it with minimal effort easily. The chassis gives you multiple points of contact, thus enhancing the shooting experience and providing more accuracy. Therefore, you can run this as a brace or in the shoulder position, whichever suits you better.

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MCKTHR | Thumb Rests

While handling and discharging the Glock, it is very important to have proper thumb positioning, as it helps you achieve stability and a stellar grip on your weapon. If you need extra help, consider using the MCKTHR Thumb Rests, which are supremely designed to assist both left and right-handed Glock owners. Moreover, you can attach them to Picatinny side rails without any difficulty.

CAA USA – 16″ Glock 19 Gen3 & Gen4 Barrel

While your Glock is already a powerhouse when it comes to shooting velocity, you can extend its capabilities with the help of the 16” Glock 19 Barrel, which increases the velocity and range for your handgun. Moreover, it enhances the accuracy and ease of aiming for your Glock 19 Gen3 or Gen4, and you can also use it with the Micro Roni Conversion Kit.

Glock Extended Magazines – 9mm 33-Round /.45 AUTO 26-Round /.40 31-Round|RWB

This Glock Extended Magazine is one of the most popular Glock accessories out there, and it is designed to help you release the magazine without any extra effort. Most people have trouble releasing the stock magazine, and they are forced to shift their grip to their non-dominant hand to do so effectively. Once you install this extended magazine release, you won’t have to switch your grip and reduce the time it takes to switch magazines. However, this release has sharp edges, so you might find it uncomfortable. Most experts sand the edges to make them smoother.

MCK Trigger Guard

When handling the Glock, there is always a risk of your finger slipping on the trigger and causing an unfortunate accident. Thankfully, there are several best Glock accessories designed to prevent this from happening, and one of them is the MCK Trigger Guard. Made from high-quality materials, it comes in several different models, designed to fit Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, and other variants of the Glock. You can easily install it over the trigger of your Glock, and it protects you from accidentally discharging it, especially during transport or travelling. It is one of the must-have Glock accessories you shouldn’t think twice before buying.

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MCK Targeting Laser with Housing (Red or Green)

A targeting laser is one of the most popular and best Glock accessories out there, and it provides more convenience and fun than utility. You would find that most people use the MCK Targeting Laser with their MCK Glock for hunting, target practice, and competitions. It has a convenient drop-in design that allows you to easily slip it on your Glock and use it for improved accuracy. Moreover, it works well with different accessories, including Picatinny accessories that are already very popular among Glock Micro Roni enthusiasts.

Integral Front WML Flashlight for MCK® 500 Lumen

If you are used to keeping your Glock ready for all situations, including hunting and emergencies, then you need to prepare it for low-light conditions. The best Glock accessory, in this regard, is the Integral Front WML Flashlight for MCK®, which has a powerful output of 500 Lumens and illuminates your path for several meters, making your targets perfectly clear. You can easily mount it to your Glock or even the extended barrel that you attach to it.

MCKBC | Brass Catcher

We come to our final Glock accessory, which is the MCK Brass Catcher. It is designed to fit perfectly behind your Glock handgun and catch all of the brass casings that it sends flying into the air when you pull the trigger. This is particularly useful if you like collecting brass casings, or you have a way of reusing or recycling them.

This brings us to the end of our article on the best Glock accessories 2022. Do you see something you like? There are several Glock accessories apart from these, including pistol lights, drop-in triggers, etc. Make sure to check their compatibility with your particular Glock model so that you can have a safe and convenient shooting experience.


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